No Trick, Just Treat

Halloween is right around the corner and, because Defying Destiny is very halloween-esque, I’ve decided to give away my last remaining proof copy of the trade paperback. It will be autographed by me, naturally. This is open to U.S. and international winners!

To enter, just leave a comment below. I’ll choose the winner on Halloween (October 31st), so enter before October 30th at midnight.

My Halloween kitties (Sphinx and Sissy) wish you good luck. Black cats are good luck, right?

35 responses to “No Trick, Just Treat

  1. I would love to receive the copy of Defying Destiny. I simply love the Sinners books and am eagerly awaiting the next release in that series.

  2. Your books are fabulous, I have read the Sinners book but would love to try something else you’ve written. Thanx for the opportunity. Can’t wait for the next Sinners book.
    vickie knight

  3. Your kitties are so cute! I’m a black cat lover but since our kitty Bones passed away a few months ago we’ve been without a spooky kitty. =) We do have a black and white crazy cat though lol and we love her!
    Thanks for the giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  4. Awww! They’re so damn cute, Olivia! You’ve spoiled them rotten, haven’t you.

    I really want to read this one. Some people get to read them way early. Hmmph. *blowing raspberries at Wendy!

  5. Kittehs! OMG they are too freaking cute! Do they still make a “furball hat” for your when you’re sleeping? And an autographed copy of this book? I still remember reading the first chapter four years ago and falling in love with the simple line: “Pity.” YUM!

  6. Love the black kitties! I have one myself, that I got on Halloween! Anyway, I would love an autographed copy of your latest book!

  7. I would love to win this copy.

    BTW, Would you make the print version of this book available? I have an eReader but still want to keep the print version.

  8. Cats of all color are good luck if you ask me 🙂 “rubs their soft little heads virtually* Would be purrrfect if they brought me the good luck to win Defying Destiny!

  9. I say black cats are lucky! They sure are cute! Happy Halloween! I just downloaded this book on my kindle. I would love a hardcopy too.

  10. Nummmy I love covers where they show chest and upper arms. Makes me just stare at the cover for long periods of time. Sigh. But then again the hollow of a man’s throat is the other best part. Oh wait im distracted. Off for a 4 days rock festival. Does this count as a comment?? lol. 4 day rock festival and a tropical depression off shore. What a party.

  11. Forgot to enter….entering now…thanks for the reminder!!!!
    Have a great Halloween.
    PS-Glad I’m not the only one to yell at the t.v. when the stupin House Hunters’ don’t pick the house I wanted…LOL


  12. Love all your books esp Sinners and would love the print copy of Defying Destiny.
    I don’t have an e-reader yet so still love my paper books! Please?!!

  13. I say black cats are lucky 🙂 I have one and I love him to pieces – 22lbs big boy who thinks he is a tiny kitten still and like to sleep on my pillow lol. Hope you have a great Halloween and thanks for the giveaway 🙂

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